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Stephen J. Kaufmann

Former Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Virginia State Corporation Commission

Stephen J. Kaufmann is noted nationally for his dedication to helping people protect their assets, privacy and quality of life as an elder law and estate planning attorney. He is an educator and nationally known author of many estate planning books and educational courses in the Legal-Financial Estate Planning and Insurance industry. He has been noted in Newsweek, published in Financial Planning, US News and World Report, Life Association News (LAN- Now Advisor), Life Insurance Selling, Broker World and appears often in national publications. He has over 25 years experience in Elder Law and Estate Planning and is the former Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Steve Kaufmann practices through his law firm - ABC LAW, and serves families, farm and small business owners throughout Virginia and works with other attorneys, financial, insurance and other professionals and their clients nationally. He is a humorous and educational public speaker for many local and national conferences. He presents programs on radio, television, and national educational forums. Steve has spoken before U. S. Congressional and state legislative committees and was responsible for writing the laws on Long Term Care and other insurance products as the former Virginia Deputy Insurance Commissioner. He is the President and Founder of The Estate Planning Institute and the professional designation Study program, CEPP, Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner. He is a member of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, past president of the Central Virginia Chapter of CLU. He is also a member of the International Association of Financial Planners and former Chairperson for Federal and State Legislative Committee, Virginia Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. He is the founder of The Kaufmann Foundation, a charitable organization that provides educational programs to the public and gifts to programs that inspire, educate and help people protect their quality of life around the world.

He has been in Private and Government Practice since 1974. Graduated from Boston College (MBA) in 1970, Suffolk University Law School in 1974.

Steve and his wife, a insurance continuing education instructor and insurance -lifestyle and business consultant have five sons ranging in ages of 17 to 30. They live in Luray, VA. Together they present the radio program "Law and Your Money (C)" that is aired @ www.abclaw.com and other radio stations.


24/7 Call: 1 800 233 0588
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