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  Do you need a friend and companion that
listens, responds, does not shed, and easy to care for...
- travels well, says I Love You with cute cooing snorts and loving sounds -
That is not high maintenance?
  The Shih Tzu breed is the Best Well Rounded Pet for Individuals and
Families say's groomers I've asked. These groomers stated they would
prefer to groom a Shih Tzu than any other breed. Dog groomers spend
every day with all kinds of breeds and know their temperments in
general and also how all breeds compare in temperment, intelligence,

obedience and being handled by owner and strangers.
From 6 - 15 lbs ALC purabred Shih Tzus range in size as - full grown -
Prices range from more expensive $1,200 for smaller -
to less expensive for standard $550 for rare original 15 lb AKC purabred Shih Tzu
All with very good blood lines including champion bloodlines
Below Shih Tzu is also a blue due to the color of the skin under the hair -
we have several very rare blue Shih tzu's that are solid black, silver blue and gold.
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 for Seniors, Children, families, travelers and Special Needs Persons.
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    Excellent Pet for Seniors, Family, or Special Needs Persons
    Does not shed, easy to groom, most intelligent - fun to train,
    very affectionate, makes snuggle sounds when hugging.

    The Shih Tzu dog - A Superb Family Dog In the dog fancier's world, Shih Tzu is pronounced "Shed Zoo" and in Chinese it means "Lion Dog". The ancestors of the perky Shih Tzu descended from Tibetan temple dogs, and some were given to the Chinese centuries ago as tribute gifts during the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907). They were carefully bred in the Imperial Palace of Peking and drawings showed a likeness to the lion, an important Buddhist symbol. They became known as Chrysanthemum dogs because their facial hair growing in all directions, resembled the flower petals. Much later, they became favorites of the royal family during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). During the Chinese Revolution of 1911, the breed suffered immense losses when the palace was stormed. The Peking Kennel Club formed in 1934. In 1938 a breed standard for the Shih Tzu dog was created. Two pairs were taken to England in 1930 and were classified as Apsos but that was overturned by the Kennel club deeming it a separate breed. The Shih Tzu Club of England formed in 1935. Following the Second World War, returning Americans brought the Shih Tzu dog to the US.

    Height Range:  8-11 in. (20-28 cm) maximums.
    Ideal Height:  9-10½ in. (23-27 cm).
    Dog Ideal Weight:  9-16 lb. (4-7 kg).
    Function:  Companion.
    Other Name:  Chrysanthemum dog.
    Watchdog:  Good
    Life Expectancy:  11 - 14 years.
    Does not shed - great for house pets and cleaner surroundings.
    The Shih Tzu dog is small, but sturdy, lively and very alert with a long flowing double coat which comes in all colors. It is compact and solid, possessing good weight and substance. The Shih Tzu dog has a rather distinctive arrogant appearance, with his head held high and tail curved over his back. It walks proudly. It has a happy, outgoing, and affectionate temperament, a very friendly dog, excellent with children and who loves human togetherness, bonding to the whole family and thus making a perfect companion. Shih Tzu grooming and exercise needs are minimal, a regular brushing of his coat and a good daily walk. Getting an informative breed book will give proper guidance for raising and training your Shih Tzu puppy.

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