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Getting Back To Basics

We're working on getting grants to help build the Out Back Learning Center in Page County VA.

This project is in the learning and development stage and will continue to be as we learn more about getting back to the basics of life in many ways.

Learning how to appreciate our people, and others from other lands and and how we can all learn more from each other about live in a more natural habitat.

How we can help to heal our selves, our lands and relationships with other generations, and cultures. How we can strive to improve our lifestyle and that of the others, including also the creatures in our natural habitats - so to strive to keep them around and appreciate them more.

To better understand the world we live in, how to garden, prepare and build structures for a more natural setting.

How we can use technology and what we've learned from the mistakes of others - to improve our lives - getting back to the basics of life again - and spending more time with our families.

We're currently looking to partner with other people looking to do the same - including those around the world wanting to share and learning from each other using the internet to work together as we develop the outback learning center.

If you are interested in volunteering your expertise, donate your time, or money you can contact the Kaufmann Foundation @ 540 743 2664.


24/7 Call: 1 800 233 0588
Mon. - Fri. 9-5 PM EST:
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24/7 Fax: 703 852 4444
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