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Radio Segment 1: What is elder law and estate planning attorney, long term care

Radio Segment 2: Women in nursing homes, statistics for long term care

Radio Segment 3: Medical records and your privacy

Radio Segment 4: Medical records, what affects your insurability for long term care and life insurance

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The Founder, CEPP 
Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner
Financial - Asset Protection - Estate Planning Consultant  Offering Professional Advice in Coordination with Elder Law Attorney For Personal, Family, Retirement, Lifestyle and Business Planning Matters 

24/7 Call: 1 800 233 0588
Mon. - Fri. 9-5 PM EST: 1 888 865 2612 - 2610
24/7 Fax: 703 852 4444


24/7 Call: 1 800 233 0588
Mon. - Fri. 9-5 PM EST:
1 888 865 2612 - 2610
24/7 Fax: 703 852 4444
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